Confocal Microscopy Probe

A solution for commercial platform PPMS, Cryogenics, Oxford and NanJing PengLi.

Module Introduction

1. Low Temperature Objective
    Objective Datasheet:        
        • Numerical aperture NA = 0.84
        • Corrected for use without cover glass and infinite tube length
        • Focal length ca. 3.1 mm
        • Magnification about 60x
        • Free aperture on the side of the parallel light Ø 6,15 mm
        • A/R coated for the visible (400 to 1100 nm)
        • Correction achromatic for 450 to 1100 nm
        • Useable down to 420 nm, with absorption down to 400 nm
        • Calculated wavefront quality Lambda/10 to Lambda/20 pv in the center
        • Lambda/5 in object fields up to Ø 30 µm
        • Mechanical free working distance min. 0.4 mm (from holder)
        • Free working distance ca. 0.8 mm (from last lens vertex)
        • Holder made from titanium alloy
        • Metal surfaces (Titanium) without anodizations
        • Lens barrel provided with slits parallel to the optical axis to allow for
          different thermal expansions of lenses and lens barrel and to allow for
          degassing and replacement of gas between the lenses(all cavities within
          the entire objective open to the exterior)
2. Sample Motion Control 
    Based on MultiFields Technologies commercial piezoelectric motion units:
    a) 16mm version (for dia-1inch bore chamber)
    b) 25mm version (for dia-2inch bore chamber)
    This product compatible with PPMS-Dynacool, PengLi-CPMS, Cryogenics
    and Oxford TeslatronPT.
    Motion Group Datasheet:
        • Motion Range,3mm*3mm*3mm(XYZ axis)
        • Motion resolution, below 50 nm
        • Motion Senor, Resistive Encoder, Closed-loop cotrol
        • ScanningMode Range,30um*30um*30um @300K, (XYZ axis)
        • Scanning resolution, sub-nano
        • Scanningfrequency, max 1 kHz
        • Load, Max. 200g
        • Controller, MF-P6 & MF-S3
        • Materials, Pure Titanium
3. Sample Stage Design
    We supply a temperature monitored (or controlled) stage with 6 pairs twisted
    wires for electric measurement. Also custom-designed solution for specific
    experiments is supported.
    ♦ Thermometers& Temperature Monitor/Controller
        • Thermometer type, Cernox 1050
        • Temperature Range, 1.6 K to 400 K calibrated
        • Temperature Controller, MF-Kelvion, 2-input and 1-output, PID Control
        • Heater, 25 Omega
    ♦ Sample Stage
        • Materials, Pure Copper
        • Electrodes, 12pins, 6 twisted pairs
        • Max. Voltage of wires, 200 V
    ♦ Reflective Design
4. Room Temperature Optical Path Module
        • Lighting light path
        • Excitation light path
        • Detection light path-1
        • Detection light path-2
5. Laser Spectrometer
6. Automation Software

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