MultiFieldsLow Temperature·Piezoelectric Motion Stage / LT·MotionCenter Controller

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LT.MotionCenter, Piezoelectric Motion Controller

6-Channels Closed-Loop Controller Designed For Low Temperature Piezomotor

 6-Channels Closed-Loop Motion Control Output

 Compatible With Low Temperature Linear Stage, Goniometer, Rotator of MultiFields

 Maximum driving voltage 200 V; Maximum frequency 10 kHz

 Support Key Parameter Customization

 LabVIEW Sub VI Control Program Is Provided To Support Users’ Independent Use

 USB / GPIB Computer Remote Controll


*In principle, there is no requirement on the total resistance of wiring used to drive a Multifields low temperature piezo-positioner (50 ohm below recommended).


适配位移器(Compatible Positioner)


(Linear Positioner, Rotator, Goniometer)

控制模式(Control Mode)


(All Channels Closed-Loop Control)


19’’/3U 机箱柜


(Work Voltage & Power Consumption)

220 VAC & 60 W


Serial Port

驱动电压输出通道(Output Channels)

6 通道(6 Channels)

最大输出电压(Max Output Voltage)

-200 V ~ +200 V

驱动频率(Drive Frequency Range)

1 ~ 10 kHz

单通道工作功率(Power for 1 Channel)

Max. 40 W

压降速率(Slew Rate)

2 kV/us

驱动电压低压端(GND in Drive Output)

6 驱动通道独立接地 (6 Channels Independent GND)


电阻型位置传感(Resistive Encoder)

传感输出电压(Sensor Output Voltage)

DC 2.5 V

传感探测精度(Resolution of Read Voltage)

50 uV(18-bit)


6 通道(6 Channels)

电阻阻值(Input Resistance)

10 kOhm

位置传感接地端(GND in Sensor Readout)

6 传感通道独立接地(6 Channels Independent GND)

电学接头(Electrical Connector)

D-sub 15 for Each Channel

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