MultiFieldsMeasurment/ Biaxial rotation – electrical transport

Realization of complete coverage of stereospace spheres (naming the rotation angle in 3D polar coordinates).
(1). Fixed-axis rotation – phi, with the rotational axis parallel to the sample tray surface; (2). Rotation with body axis – theta, axis perpendicular to the sample holder surface;

Biaxial rotation-electrical transport

MultiFields – Rotating Electric Transmission Measurement – Integrated Solution

Mechanical axis phi , -10° to 370° rotation range; return difference less than 1°;

Piezoelectric axis theta , angular closed loop sensing 200°, rotation 360°;

8- / 12-channel measuring line (25 mm / 45 mm OD version);

Operating temperature 1.5 to 400 K; magnetic field up to 16 Tesla;

With Oxford TeslatronPT, PPMS, Cryogenics and Nanjing Pengli-CPMS systems, etc;

Multifield Technologies · Rotator16 Standard Products

·System Component

Multifield Technology – Biaxial Rotation · Electrical Transport Measurement System Components

Antistatic · Junction Box

12pin & 24pin (both versions)

Matrix Switches

6 channel to 24 channel measurement

Rotary Controller

High Precision Rotary Motor Controller

Room Temperature – Wiring Test Kit

For use at room temperature · to check the quality of the sample electrode

Other components

Accessories for electrical transportation systems

·System Components ~ Automated Measurement Software

Seamless support for third-party commercial · low-temperature superconducting magnet platforms; environmentally controlled, automated data acquisition, supports sequence automated measurements


Spool I.phi

Spool II.theta

Axis of rotation

· Fixed rotary axis

· Mechanical rotation planes

· Spindle parallel to the surface of the sample holder

· Axis of rotation of accompanying body

· piezo-electric rotation

· Rotating axis perpendicular to the surface of the sample holder

Temperature range

1.6 ~ 370 K

Magnetic field range

Max. 18 T

Angle of rotation

-10 ~ 370 degrees

360 degrees

Outer diameter of sample rod

⌀25 mm, ⌀46 mm

Temperature control method

⌀25 mm, only monitor Temp.

⌀46 mm, control Temp.

Electrically usable test lines

⌀25: 8 pins

⌀46: 12 pins

Rotary control circuits


@4K environment

⌀25: 7 pins (closed-loop)

⌀46: 7 pins (closed-loop)




Sample holder


Sample Tray Load

50 g

Angle sensing

Open Loop

⌀25: Closed Loop

⌀46: Closed Loop


The following data is based on a commercial cryogenic superconductivity platform using Multi-Tech Sample Rods + Multi-Tech Magnetic Resonance Meter.

Temperature dependence of spin Hall magnetoresistance (SMR)

Multifields® Swivel Rods
Multifields® Breakout box
Keithley 2400 DC Source Meter
Keithley 2182 Nanovolt Meter

Test samples:
W(5)/CoFeB(0.9)/MgO(2)/Ta(2 nm)
Hall devices

Magnetic field and angle dependent second harmonic measurements

Test conditions:
Multifields® Rotating Rods
Multifields® Breakout box
Keithley 6221 AC Current Source
Stanford SR830 Lock-in Amplifier ×2

Test Sample
Co(3)/Pt(5 nm)
Hall devices

Angular dependence of magnetoresistance and magnetic field in topological insulators

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