Anti-static · Terminal Box

Breakout Box·Pro

Breakout Box·Pro·Max

Anti-static · Electrical Adapter Box


“Breakout Box·Pro” series is divided into 12-way transfer – standard & 24-way transfer – expansion (.Max suffix).
Splitting & Switching: The main function is to convert the room temperature and measurement lines of the sample rod into independent 12 way (24 way) BNC connectors, making it convenient to directly connect commercial measurement meters.
Static Electricity Protection: The manual switch switches between the “measurement”, “GND”, and “float” positions. Among them, the “GND” · static electricity protection position is mainly responsible for providing static electricity protection function when (1) plugging and unplugging samples, (2) connecting new meters, and (3) connecting to the meter switch.
Size: The standard rack width for easy direct installation.
Collocation: Can be used with all MultiFields Technology probes.

Leakage Current · Breakout Box+Cable*

· All data measured by third-part commercial meters Agilent BA1500

* With MultiFields’ standard 12/24 twisted paired cable  →More

Schematic Diagram Of Electrical Transmission Measurement Kit

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