Temperature Controller · Kelvinion mini — Minimalist, Extremely Reliable

Diode-type & Resistance-type thermometers (both PTC and NTC types) have become the preferred solution for temperature sensing in low-temperature and magnetic field environments.Multi-Field Technology, in the context of strong scientific research demand, has launched the Kelvinion mini, a minimalist temperature controller: including 2-way high-precision temperature monitoring and 1-way 100W high-power temperature control output.The extremely high-precision yet compact configuration ensures that every penny is spent on the cutting edge.

Minimum Measurement & Control Temperature Below 300 mK · With NTC Resistance Thermometer;

Temperature Resolution 0.1 mK (24-bit AD Resolution);

Maximum Power 100W/50W, with 50Ω/25Ω heater;

Direct Touch Screen Operation, With Computer Software Control;

Support Automatic Selection Of Optimal PID Configuration;

Automatically Switch The Measuring Range Of The Thermometer To Ensure Minimal Heating Of The Thermometer;

Resistance Thermometer Measurement, Automatic Reverse Measurement Of Excitation Current;

The Kelvinion-mini Series Has Two Default Temperature Sensors And One Output Temperature Control;

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