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Electrical Transmission Measurement

In-wire Sealing & Conical Sealing

OptionNumber: .ETO-Vac·InSeal (In-wire Sealing) & .ETO-Vac·ConeSeal (Conical Sealing)

The sample vacuum environment expansion plan launched for electrical transmission measurement; Adapt to all electric transmission probe of MultiFields Technology. By constructing a vacuum chamber in situ in a low temperature environment of 2K, the sample is loaded at room temperature and vacuumed; The low-temperature sealing methods are divided into: in-wire sealing and conical sealing



Vacuum Degree@300K

1·e -4 Pa以下

Equipped With Vacuum Angle Valve

Leakage Rate Better Than 1e-8 mbar·L/s

(In-wire Sealed Version)

Dia 0.5mm or less

Low-temperature Silicone Grease
(Conical Sealing Version)

Available at Low temperature 4 K

Technical Documentation

Conical Sealing Operation Guide Or In-wire Sealing Operation Guide

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