MultiFields — Measurment / Single-axis rotary · electric transport

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Single·axis rotary-electric transport

MultiFields-Rotating Power Transmission Measurement · Integrated Solution

10° to 370° rotational range; return differential less than 1°;

Maximum withstand voltage -DC ~ 200 V or more;

Supports sample vacuum options;

Supports a wide range of sample tray LCC, DIP & PCB customisation;

Supports high precision and low noise coaxial line upgrades;

Operating temperature 1.5 to 400 K; Maximum magnetic field 16 Tesla;

Compatible with Oxford TeslatronPT, PPMS, Cryogenics and Nanjing Pengli-CPMS systems;

·System Component

Multifield Technology – Single Axis Rotation – Electrical Transport Measurement System Components

Antistatic · Junction Box

12pin & 24pin (two versions)

Matrix Switch

6 channel to 24 channel measurement

Rotary Controller

High Precision Rotary Motor Controller

Room Temperature · Wired Test Kit

For use at room temperature · to check the quality of the sample electrode

Other components

Accessories for electrical transport systems

·Customisation Options

Supports a wide range of standard sample holders and customised modifications.

Sample tray form

Support LCC, DIP & PCB sample trays

Sample Vacuum

In-wire & Tapered Seal Solutions

Slide Seal

Supports direct sample change at low temperatures

Low Temperature Test Cables

Supports High Voltage & Coaxial Cables

·Accessories & Extensions

Higher accuracy is available as an option.

Temperature monitoring kit

Kelvinion-mini · Dual Channel Temperature Monitoring

Electrically insulating vacuum gaskets

Electrical isolation · Signal noise protection · Low temperature superconducting magnet system

·System Components ~ Automated Measurement Software

Seamless support for third · party commercial-low-temperature superconducting magnet platforms; environmentally controlled, automated data acquisition, supports sequence automated measurements

·Detailed parameters

Technical Specification


Rotation angle

10° to 370°, continuous rotation; motor rotation angle resolution

Sample environment:
· Minimum temperature 1.5 K;
· Maximum magnetic field 18 Tesla;

With cryo-magnetic field platform:
· Oxford-TeslatronPT
· Cryogenics
· Nanjing Pengli CPMS


low-temperature section

ambient temperature component

Number of lines

Default 12pins, maximum 16pins; more need to communicate with individual confirmation

Type of sample tray

PCB sample tray, or LCC, DIP standard package format


Default DC ~ 200 V or more

Leakage current size

Default: DC ~ 100 V, leakage current under 100 pA;
Better insulation properties need to be customised;

Coax upgrade

2-way upgrade is available by default; customisation is required for more requirements;

Outside Diameter Size

Maximum outside diameter · dia 25mm (default), compatible with most third-party cryogenic superconducting magnet platforms

Sample High Vacuum Environments

In Silk Seal

Conical Seal

Optional chamber diameter of 30mm or more;
Cryogenics, Oxford, CMI, Attocube & Nanjing Pengli-CPMS are all optional.

Software Controls

·Seamless support for third-party cryogenic superconducting magnet platforms with simultaneous readout & control of cryogenic and magnetic field environments;
·Supports direct editing of automated test programs in natural language-like forms;


The following data is based on a commercial cryogenic superconductivity platform using Multi-Tech Sample Rods + Multi-Tech Magnetic Resonance Meter.

Temperature dependence of spin Hall magnetoresistance (SMR)

Test conditions:
Multifields® Rotating Rods
Multifields® Breakout box
Keithley 2400 DC Source Meter
Keithley 2182 Nanovolt Meter

Test samples:
W(5)/CoFeB(0.9)/MgO(2)/Ta(2 nm)
Hall Devices

Magnetic field and angle dependent second harmonic measurements

Test conditions:
Multifields® Rotating Rods
Multifields® Breakout box
Keithley 6221 AC Current Source
Stanford SR830 Lock-in Amplifier×2

Test Sample:
Co(3)/Pt(5 nm)
Hall Devices

Topological insulator magnetoresistance and magnetic field angle dependence

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