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3D-Rotator.  3D Rotary Piezoelectric Stage

Low Temperature Series, Multi-Field Technology – Three-dimensional Rotary Electric Transport System

 Basic piezoelectric module:Rotator25 & Rotator16

 Max outer diameter dia47 mm

 phi angle ~ Rotator25 Fixed axis rotation

 theta angle ~ Rotator16 Rotation with body axis

 Integrated electrical connectors: temperature control, closed-loop motion and electrical measurements

 Sample holder can be integrated

 Can be integrated into any cryogenic cold plate

 Sample holder supports LCC20/28/44, PCB customization

 Default working environment: 1~373 K, 35 Tesla & 1e-7 mbar

 Upgrade option support: 10 mK minimum, UHV environment


*In principle, there is no requirement on the total resistance of wiring used to drive a Multifields low temperature piezo-positioner (50 ohm below recommended).





底座尺寸 (Footprint)


高度 (Height)


重量 (Weight)


应用场景 (Applications)

designed for He exchange gas systems to keep sample cool

可搭配平台种类 (Compatible Cryostats)

All cryostats with 49mm (or above) bore size

工作环境 (Work Environment)

基础运行环境 (Work Environment)

Temperature range: 1.6 – 400 K; Vacuum degree: 1E-7 mbar; Maximum magnetic field: 35 Tesla

极低温 10 mK – 400K (Option 1)

超高真空 2E-11 mbar (Option 2)

材料 (Materials)

主体 (Mainbody)

纯钛 (Pure Ti)

铍铜 (BeCu)

纯钛 (Pure Ti)

铍铜 (BeCu)

线缆 (Wires)

磷铜双绞线 (Phosphor Bronze Twisted Paired Wire) 20 cm

组件 (Component)

样品托 (Sample Holder)

样品托 (Sample Holder)

温度计 (Temperature Sensor)

Cernox 1050 (Calibrated)

加热器 (Heater)

50 omga, 100W (Max. Power)

温度控制器 (Load)

MultiFields Technologies product, Kelvinion; or any other commercial controller.

电学接头 (Electric Connectors)

Mini-Dsub 09 ~ Temperature Control

Mini-Dsub 15 ~ Rotator Control & Sensors

Mini-Dsub 15 ~ Electric Transport Measurement

压电旋转台控制器 (Rotator Controller & Software)

MFP6 Controller

运动参数 (Motion)

旋转行程 (Travel Range)

Full 3D sphere, with 360 ° for both theta & phi axis

单步分辨率 (Step Size)

1 m° – theta & phi

线性度 (Linearity)

~ 1 %

闭环传感 (Closed-loop Sensor)

旋转传感器 (Sensor Specification)

2 rotation axis (theta & phi) with resistance encoder

传感器分辨率 (Sensor Resolution)

10 m° – theta & phi

可重复性 (Repeatability)

~ 50 m° – theta & phi

配件-可选 (Options)


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