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Rotator25-optic.HV Piezoelectric Rotary Positioner

Low Temperature Series, Rotary Stage with Closed-Loop Control

 Compact Design, Outer Size: 30 * 23 * 14.5 mm

 UHV & Ultra Low Temperature: 2 E-11 mbar & 10 mK

 Non-Magnetic Materials: Pure Ti & BeCu, Max.35 Tesla

 Load & Dynamic Torque: 250 g & 1.5 Ncm

 Closed-Loop, Location Sensor Resolution 10 m°

 Aperture Φ 6 mm

· Specification

*In principle, there is no requirement on the total resistance of wiring used to drive a Multifields low temperature piezo-positioner (50 ohm below recommended).





底座尺寸 (Footprint)

30 mm*23 mm

高度 (Height)

14.5 mm

重量 (Weight)

24 g

工作环境 (Work Environment)

基础运行环境 (Work Environment)

Temperature range: 1.6 – 400 K; Vacuum degree: 1E-7 mbar; Maximum magnetic field: 35 Tesla

极低温 10 mK – 400K (Option 1)

超高真空 2E-11 mbar (Option 2)

材料 (Materials)

主体 (Mainbody)

纯钛 (Pure Ti)

铍铜 (BeCu)

纯钛 (Pure Ti)

铍铜 (BeCu)

线缆 (Wires)

磷铜双绞线 (Phosphor Bronze Twisted Paired Wire) 20 cm

插针材料 (Pins Materials)

Polyester (Glass Fiber Filled), BeCu

Peek, BeCu

插针数目 (Pins)

Driven – 2 pins

Sensor – 3 pins

运动参数 (Motion)

行程 (Travel Range)

360 ° endless

最大速度@300 K (Max. Velocity)

~ 3 °/s

驱动电压 (Drive Voltage)

Max. 200 V

最大负载 (Load)

250 g

最大力矩 (Dynamic Torque)

1.5 Ncm

闭环传感 (Closed-loop Sensor)

位置传感器 (Position Encoder)

电阻传感器 (Resistive Sensor)

传感器行程 (Encode Range)

320 °

分辨率 (Resolution)

10 m°

可重复性 (Repeatability)

~ 50 m°

关键尺⼨图 (Schematic)

配件-可选 (Options)


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