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Piezoelectric Stage · High-load Through-hole Carrier.HS100.xyRz.C

High-load · high-speed XY Plane Motion, Z-axis Rotation Design, Ensuring Alignment Movement In The XY Plane


• 2-dimensional XY Scan Motion 100 um, Z-axis Rotation 1 mrad;

• Closed-loop Resolution Better Than 1 nm;

• Maximum Load 3.5 kg;

• For Optical Microscopy – Super-resolution Customized Solution;

• Support For Non-magnetic (.NM) And High-vacuum (.UHV) Option Upgrades;

Optional Version ⇨


Basic Information

Motion Direction 运动方向

X, Y, Direction + Rz Rotation

Size 底面尺寸*高度

150 mm × 150 mm × 30 mm

Main Material 主体材料

Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel

Travel Range 运动行程

100 um × 100 um Rz:1 mrad

Upgrade options 升级选项

Optional Extensions: Nm, Absolutely Non-magnetic Version; UHV, Ultra-high Vacuum Version

Motion & Position



Motion Resolution 运动分辨率(闭环/开环)

1 nm / 0.2 nm

Repeatability 运动可重复精度

10 nm

Rigidity 刚性

2 N/ um

Resonance Frequency 共振频率(空载/2.5 kg)

420 Hz/ 130 Hz

Max. Load 最大负载

3.5 kg

Encoder Type 闭环传感器(闭环版本)

Capacitive Type


Max. 150 V

Other Information

Recommended Operation Temperature 推荐使用温度

15 ~ 40 °C

Weight 重量

1 kg

Install 安装

Threaded Hole Automatically Compatible With Carrier.L7550.XY

Drawings 尺寸图