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GSxx.Lab.O Series · Goniometer

Product Features

• Use The GS65-77 And GS65-97 Together; The Centers of Both Coincide;

• Directly Screw Fixed, No Need For Adapter Plate;

• Controller Compatible With Linear, Rotator;

• Supports Non-magnetic (.NM), High-Vacuum (.HV) And Ultra-high Vacuum (.UHV) Options;


Swing Radius 77mm, Compatible With Lab-65 Series

Size · 70mm × 70mm × 20mm

Travel Range · ±10°


Swing Radius 97mm, Compatible With Lab-65 Series

Size · 70mm × 70mm × 20mm

Travel Range · ±10°

• Optical Encoder Position Sensor (.O);

•Sensing Resolution 0.02urad (other option see Datasheet);

• Controller Compatible With Linear, Goniometer;

• Supports Non-magnetic (.NM) And Ultra-high Vacuum (.UHV) Options;

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Size 产品尺寸

70 × 70 mm × 20 mm

Main Material 主体材料

Normal Version, Stainless Steel
.NM, Pure Titanium, Ceramics
.UHV, Stainless Steel

Cables & Connectors 线缆 & 接头

Default, Standard Shielded Cable D-Sub-15;
UHV, Kapton Enameled Wire PEEK-2mm pin;

Motion Parameters – Space Recommended Installation Form I.
(The following properties were measured under the recommended installation form)

Travel Range 运动行程

+/-10 °

Max. Speed 最大速度

~ 3°/s

Step Size 最小步伐

1 urad

Step Frequency 驱动频率

Max. 20 kHz (Ultra-quiet Motion)

Max. Load 最大负载

1 kg

Self-locking Force 自锁力

50 N*mm

Driving Torque 驱动力矩

20 N*mm

Swing Radius 摇摆半径

77 mm

97 mm


Encoder Type 位置传感类型

Optical Sensor (.O)

Encoder Resolution 位置传感分辨率

0.03urad (other option see Datasheet)

0.02urad (other option see Datasheet)

Encoder Range 位置传感行程

20 °

Drawings 尺寸图