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Same Motion Core, Different Position Sensing


The Product Shown In The Picture: LS35x.Lab.O

➡Fully Silent, Nano Level High-precision Motion Platform;

True Nano Precision Displacement Table: Deep Fusion Of Stepper Motion And Ultra Fine Real-time Position Adjustment;

LSxx.Lab.O Series Products, Nanoscale Position Sensing


The Product Shown In The Picture: LS35x.Lab.R

➡Open-loop Refused, High-precision Motion Requires Feedback Control;

Open-loop Price, Closed-loop Quality: MultiFields · Economical Piezoelectricity Stage

LSxx.Lab.R Series Products, Economical Position Sensing

Unusual Expensive Materials, Full Of Unique Power

– Completely Composed Of Non-magnetic Materials, Ensuring 30 Tesla Magnetic Field Availability .NM
– Composed Of Ultra-high Vacuum Compatible Materials, Ensuring 5E-11 mbar Compatibility .UHV

 Special Version
Completely Non-magnetic (.NM) Version, Ultra-high Vacuum (.UHV) Version

The Product Shown In The Picture: LS35x.Lab.O.NM / .UHV

➡High-end Version: Completely Non-magnetic; Ultra-high Vacuum – Both Options Available;

Deep Integration Of Step Motion And Ultra-fine Motion Adjustment, A True Nano Precision Stage;

LSxx.Lab.O (.R ).NM Series Products
LSxx.Lab.O (.R ).UHV Series Products
LSxx.Lab.O (.R ).NM.UHV Series Products

LSxx.Lab Series · Linear Stage


The Most Compact Closed-loop Stage, With A Thickness Of Only 10 mm

Size · 25mm × 25mm × 10mm

Travel Range · 8 mm


Choice That Balances Size And Performance

Size · 35mm × 35mm × 12mm

Travel Range · 20 mm


Manually Controlled · Perfect Substitution Of Optical Linear Stage

Size · 65mm × 65mm × 13mm

Travel Range · 30 mm


1 kg In Z-direction, Capable Of High Load And Large Range

Size · 35mm × 35mm × 33mm

Travel Range · 10 mm

• Ultra-quiet Motion, 20 kHz Dirve Frequency;

• Extremely Compact Exterior Design, Divided Into 25mm, 35mm, and 65mm Categories;

• Closed-loop Control · Position Sensing Supports Resistance Type (.R) And Optical Type (.O);

• High Precision · Spatial Sensing Resolution (.O) 1 nm, 10 nm available;

• Economical · Spatial Sensing Resolution (.R) 100 nm;

• Minimum Step Size Less Than 10 nm;

• Multiple Axis Stacked Installation Adapters Available;

• Controller Compatible With Rotator, Goniometer;

• Supports Non-magnetic (.NM) And Ultra-high Vacuum (.UHV) Options;





Travel Range 行程

8 mm

20 mm

30 mm

10 mm

Options 升级选项

Expansion Options: HV, High Vacuum Version; UHV, Ultra-high Vacuum Version;

Materials 材料

Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel

Encoder Type 位置传感种类

Resistive Sensor (.R)

Resistive Sensor (.R) & Optical Sensor (.O)

Encoder resolution 位置传感分辨率

.O 1nm (other option see Datasheet) / .R ~100nm

Space Recommended Installation Form(The following properties were measured under the recommended installation form)

Installation Posture: 1. Maintain The Maximum Horizontal Plane Of The Displacement Table; 2. Keep The Installation Plane Of The Inner Slide Rail Facing Upwards;

Motion Direction 运动方向

x axis ~ Horizontal Direction

z axis ~ Vertical Direction

Step Size 最小位移

min. below 5 nm

Maximum Step Frequency 最大驱动频率

20 kHz

Speed 运动速度

1 mm/s ~ 20 mm/s

Max. Load 最大垂直负载

150 g ~ 500 g

500 g (Customized For More)

Dynamic Force 最大水平推力

2 N

500 g

Holding Force 保持力

5 N

Pitch / Yaw Over Travel Range 全行程俯仰/偏摆

0.3 mrad

Other Installation Forms (Can Be Used But Not Recommended, It’s Recommended To Purchase MutilFields Targeted Products)

Other Usage Methods Are Not Recommended

Max. Load 最大垂直负载

2 N

Holding Force 保持力

5 N

Max Operating Voltage 驱动电压

10 V ~ 120 V


Capacitance 电容

180 nF

Operating temperature 适用温度

The Default Maximum Temperature Is 40 ℃, And The Ultra-high Vacuum Option Supports 120 ℃

Cable Length 线缆长度

1 m

Size 产品尺寸

25 mm × 25 mm × 10 mm

35 mm × 35 mm × 12 mm

65 mm × 65 mm × 13 mm

35 mm × 35 mm × 33 mm

电阻型传感 (.R) Drawings 尺寸图

光学传感 (.O) Drawings 尺寸图

Controller 控制器