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We Achieve Cognitive And Manipulation Freedom At Micro-scale.

MultiFields Technology Partner Committees

MultiFields teams own company shares, with personnel covering all aspects of the company, including production, management, marketing, sales, and technology research and development.

MultiFields Technology has always been committed to enabling us to freely observe, measure, move, and control matter at the micro-scale. And the business layout of multiple fields is also centered around this ideal, whether it is (1) nanoscale ultra precision motion or (2) comprehensive physical property analysis and measurement systems, all of which are trying to help our customers achieve cognitive and operational freedom at the micro scale

We believe that good teams come with their own values. MultiFields has been committed to exploring the cutting-edge technology, wandering between the known and unknown. This determines that in a team with multiple events, the right to speak about things is not related to your identity, it is not about whether you are a young newcomer or a senior expert, but only about whose judgment is closer to an objective existence. And this is also a value that has been upheld in MultiFields: Equality, Openness, and Humility.

At the same time, we are also a serious group of people. We believe that all important innovations are built on years of continuous accumulation; We respect all the predecessors and giants in the industry, who have left behind a wealth of knowledge that allows us to continue moving forward on their basis.

We do our best to help our clients achieve success in their respective fields, whether in universities and research institutes, or in industries such as semiconductors, precision optics, precision instruments, and aerospace.

After all, we are actually just a group of curious people, trying to understand what is happening in the micro scale world. We cherish and protect the innocence, simplicity, and curiosity of young people.

Join MultiFields, let’s move forward together.

MultiFields Technology Partner Committees

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