“16mm Series”, Small but Powerful

The smallest size “Low Temperature Piezoelectric Product” solution, specially prepared for PPMS and other small size low temperature sample chambers of Φ25.4 mm

MultiFields·16mm Series·Low Temperature Piezoelectric Motion Products, including: closed-loop linear stage, closed-loop rotary stage and scanning stage and other basic motion modules.

The default working environment is “1.4 K ~ 400 K, 1 E-7 mbar ~ Atmosphere & max. 35 Tesla”. All products in this series “Low Temperature Piezoelectric Motion · 16mm Series” are available in ultra-high vacuum (.UHV ~ 2 · E-11 mbar) and ultra-low temperature (.ULT ~ 30 mK) verslions.

Even in a Φ25.4 mm cryogenic chamber, 3 mm free travel in the xyz direction, continuous rotational operation and sub-nanometer spatially resolved scanning motion operation can be obtained. Suitable for low-temperature small-sized cavities such as QD-PPMS, Cryogenics-Φ30mm, Oxford-Φ29mm and Nanjing Pengli-CPMS.

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Linear16-x.HV, Linear Stage

Linear16-z.HV, Linear Stage

Rotator16.HV, Rotary Stage

Scanner16-xy.HV, Scanner Stage

Scanner16-z.HV, Scanner Stage