“35mm Series”, Only for Strong Performance

The ultra-long motion range and strong load capacity make the “35mm Series Low Temperature Piezoelectric Motion Stage” the first choice in customized cryogenic systems.

MultiFields·35mm series·Low Temperature Piezoelectric Motion Products, including: closed-loop linear stage, closed-loop rotary stage and closed-loop tilter stage and other basic motion modules.

The default working environment is “1.4 K ~ 400 K, 1 E-7 mbar ~ Atmosphere & max. 35 Tesla”. All products in this series “Low Temperature Piezoelectric Motion · 35mm Series” are available in ultra-high vacuum (.UHV ~ 2 E-11 mbar) and ultra-low temperature (.ULT ~ 30 mK) versions.

This series is suitable for Montana, AttoDRY800, ARS and other open cryogenic low vibration platforms and a large number of customized cryogenic-ultrahigh vacuum systems.

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Linear35-x-Slim.HV, Linear Stage

Linear35-z.HV, Tilter

Rotator35.HV, Rotary Stage

Goniometer35-theta.HV, Tilter

Goniometer35-phi.HV, Tilter

Scanner35-xy.HV, Scanner Stage

Scanner35-z.HV, Scanner Stage