·Adapter plate

Multi-angle adapter/Mounting/Electrical testing

Piezoelectric motion table “interconnection”

Adapter plate


• Adaptive interconnection between the same or different series of Cryo-Piezo Stages;More->

Piezo kinematic stage “Variable angle mounting”

Adapter plate


For use by end-users when mounting the Cryo-Piezo Displacement Stage at a special angle (typically 90 degrees of rotation); More->

Piezoelectric Stage “Optical Stage”

Adapter plate


For fixing the “Cryo-Piezo Displacement Stage” directly to the optical stage; More->

Piezoelectric motion table “Quick Test”

Adapter plate


For room temperature commissioning of “Cryo-Piezo Displacement Stages”, with original multi-field cables for direct connection to the controller.详情->

·Flexible thermally conductive connections

Flexible thermally conductive connections


For thermally conductive connections between the sample and the cold plate in low-temperature vacuum environments, while ensuring good freedom of movement.More->


Basic Toolbox


Basic version of the toolbox “Cryo-Piezo Displacement Stage”.More->