Piezoelectricity · Large-range Scanning Motion Carrier.OB100.C

Compact, Large-range Solution For Microscopic Objectives, Used In Applications Such As Microscopic Imaging And Autofocus


• Z-direction Motion Range 100 um;

• The Fastest Stable Time For Z-direction Movement Range (90% Position Stability) Is Within 15 ms;

• Closed-loop Resolution Better Than 1 nm;

• Maximum Load 500 g;

• Controller compatible with MultiFields MC-Archimedes Series;

• Support For Non-magnetic (.NM), High-vacuum (.HV) And Ultra-High Vacuum (.UHV) Option Upgrades;

Optional Version ⇨


Basic Information

Motion Direction

Z axis

Main Material

Stainless Steel 304, Aluminum Alloy

Travel Range

100 um

Upgrade Options

Optional Extensions: Nm, Absolutely Non-magnetic Version; HV, High-vacuum Version; UHV, Ultra-high Vacuum Version



Built-in Sensor

Capacitive Type

Sensor Noise

1 nm

Z-direction Resolution, Open-loop

0.2 nm

Stable Time (90% Position Arrival)

15 ms

Resonance Frequency (No Load)

500 Hz

Resonance Frequency (150 g Load)

0.4 N/um

Resonance Frequency (No-load)

250 Hz


270 g