Low Temperature·Piezoelectric Rotary Stage (Closed-Loop)

For extreme environment use「10 mK, 2·E-11 mbar & 35 Tesla」MultiFields Technologies offers a full-scale closed-loop Rotary motion solution.

“LowTemperature·Piezoelectric Rotary Stage” series products are designed to work at 2 K, 2·E-7 mbar & 35 Tesla environment. Moreover, all products in this series have advanced version, which are compatible with ultra-high vacuum ( .UHV ~ 2·E-11 mbar ) and ultra-low temperature ( .ULT ~ 10 mK ).

The motion controller defaults to 6 closed-loop outputs and is compatible with MultiFields Technologies’ “Low Temperature·Piezoelectric Linear” and “Low Temperature·Piezoelectric Goniometer”.

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Rotator16.HV, Rotary Stage

Rotator25.HV, Rotary Stage

Rotator25-optic.HV, Rotary Stage

Rotator35.HV, Rotary Stage